We’re growing

You may have read the news making the rounds that we’re expanding our shop to include the space next door (119 Market, formerly occupied by Playworks). We’re very excited to add a pastry case, a dedicated coffee station, another register, and extra seating—including private party space. (In boring news, we’re also adding more dry storage space and will finally move our desk out of the kitchen staff’s way, into a proper office.)

Most of the details are in the press release we just sent out (pasted in below), so we don’t need to go into it all. We just wanted to announce it on our own site, where we can take comments— and preemptively answer some questions.

First: the party room will seat around 25 people. It’s not all of the new seating space, so even when it’s in use we’ll be able to accommodate more customers than we can now. It’s a section that can be separated off by a curtain and a sliding wooden panel thingy. Trust us, it’s gonna be cooler than we just made it sound. We’re working on the details of pricing and reservations, which we’ll announce closer to the reopening date.

Second: we don’t know exactly when we’ll be closed. There’s construction to do in the existing space and in the new part, plus we have to make a big hole in a brick wall to bring them together. We anticipate that the entire project will take around 2 months. But having talked with our contractor and architect, we think they can arrange the work in phases that enable us to stay open for more than half of it. So we’ll be starting in January but we may not be closed until sometime in February. We will of course alert the media again when we know the exact closing and reopening dates.

Thanks for all your support, thanks for reading, and feel free to ask questions or leave feedback in the comments. Press release follows.


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Announcement: Closed Monday, June 30th.

Sorry for the short notice, folks, but we will be closed tomorrow (Monday, June 30, 2014). We just replaced most of our refrigerators and freezers with a walk-in cooler. To prepare for the installation, we had to whittle down our supply of refrigerated and frozen goods (i.e. most of the things we sell). Then the installation (and subsequent total kitchen reorganization) took longer than we expected, so we couldn’t start Sunday production in time to make enough ice cream for Monday.

Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to scooping up treats for y’all on Tuesday.

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Holiday Hours

Christmas and New Year’s are fast approaching. You’re probably wondering what our holiday hours are going to be like! Here are the important details.


We’re closing early Christmas Eve, so we’ll be open just four hours, from 2:00–6:00 pm.

For Christmas Day, we were thinking of opening for maybe four or five hours, depending on demand. We haven’t actually finalized the specifics.. If you were thinking of strolling around downtown on Christmas day, let us know in the comments what time you would want us to be open. (Don’t worry, we’re not making our employees work; it’ll just be Mr. and Mrs. Parlour!)

If you’d like to stock up on pints to have at home for the holiday, they’ll be on sale the weekend before Christmas!

New Year’s

We will be open standard hours on New Year’s Eve, but Closed New Year’s Day.

Winter Break

We’re taking some time off at the beginning of January to unwind and do some business planning for the year ahead. So the shop will be Closed from January 1st–13th. We’ll reopen Tuesday the 14th.

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